Saturday 19th May

Polska Eire Family Picnic in Arranmore Island -Nature and Tradition Revealed!

Saturday 19 May  |  –

Arranmore Island Co.Donegal

The day will start with a trip around the amazing Island of Arranmore. Children will participate in a number of games and quizes aiming to reveal and enrich their knowledge about the natural beauty of Ireland and Poland. They will learn about the lives of the farmers on the Island during the visit at a farm where all will get a chance to feed lambs. The local tradition of a volunteer work in support of Life Boat Station will be explored during our visit to the station. The trip will end with a picnic where traditional polish and irish food will be available. Children will then participate in Arts and Crafts aiming to create Symbols of Irish and Polish Culture- imagination is the guide and sky is the limit!

Families will gather around the camp fire in the eventing to treasure the Polish tradition of roastin sausages on the sticks and Irish tradition of roasting marshmallows.